Mailing Calendars


When to use Direct Mail

Calendars are a great way to stay in touch with your valued customers.

The first table shows cost for first class postage with you doing all the work of addressing the envelopes, placing stamps on the envelopes and getting the calendars in the mail.

Option 1: Do It Yourself and First Class Postage

Quantity First Class Postage Costs Addressing and Preparation
200336.00 your time, resources and labor
500 840.00 your time, resources and labor
1000 1680.00 your time, resources and labor
5000 8400.00 your time, resources and labor

Option 2: Dean's Mailing Does all the Work and Presort Postage

Quantity Presort Postage, Addressing, & Preparation Services Included Your Savings
200 266.00 $70.00
500 585.00 $255.00
1000 990.00 $690.00
5000 4150.00 $4250.00

Using Presort Mail Rates

As you can see, the more pieces you mail, the greater the cost savings. Processing your customer list through our postal software and checking the National Change of Address database has many advantages including updating your customer list, standardizing the addresses to get more delivered by the post office, and save money on postage and printing costs. We do all the work and deliver your mail to the post office for you.

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