Dean's Top 10 Marketing Directives


You need to know where to start in your marketing.

Ten ideas to get you started to market more effectively and efficiently. Begin with the basics, plans will develop easily.

  1. Start with a goal. This important first step will help direct everything else. What do you want to accomplish?
  2. Do your planning. If you have a clear idea of what you want to do then it will be more likely to happen. Let us know if you would like a spreadsheet idea to get you started with your own marketing plan.
  3. Define your difference and tell it. This concept has many names including “Unique Selling Proposition”, the important thing is to know what you do better than anyone else and that you keep telling your story.
  4. Don’t be afraid to change. We aren’t suggesting that you change your branding, but don’t be afraid to change your message. This is also important as you track the success of your campaigns.
  5. Coordinate promotion and marketing. Use cross promotion. Tell the same message in multiple ways. Tie your offers to your advertising so you can track results.
  6. Don’t see marketing as something separate or different. Every person in your organization plays a pivotal role in your marketing efforts. Equip all your employees reverence for your customers.
  7. Don’t do anything just once. Repetition should be your best friend. Try things at least three times before you give up. Think about contacting your prospects several times before converting them to customers.
  8. Keep your marketing time very important. Make time to focus on your marketing planning, revising and follow up. Make that time a priority.
  9. Do not cut marketing spending during slow times. From 1980 to 1985, McGraw-Hill Research analyzed 600 companies and their marketing spending. After 1985, McGraw-Hill concluded that those firms which had maintained or increased their advertising during the recession in ’81-’82 boasted an average sales growth of 275% over the next five years. But those companies who cut their advertising saw paltry sales growth over the next five years of just 19%.
  10. Say “Thank You” every chance you get. Your customers mean everything to you, don’t forget to let them know how much you appreciate them.
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