Marketing in Tough Times


You want to persevere and prosper during this time of economic uncertainty.

Market your way through the challenges, prevail by grabbing market share now.

If you do a quick search of “Marketing in Tough Times” the following ideas will come up often.

  • Don’t cut your marketing budget! Those businesses that continue to advertise will triumph when the economy picks up (and it will).
  • Let your customers help you. Retaining your existing customers and getting repeat business from them should be your highest priority. Customer testimonials are extremely effective in gaining new business. Referrals help you close new sales very easily and don’t forget to reward the customer who provided the reference.
  • Focus your marketing. This means use direct mail, marketing and offers that allow you to measure the results.
  • Be consistent with your advertising. If you are not persistent in your advertising, your customers will not recall you and will place orders with someone else.
  • Alter your marketing messages to take advantage of declining trends and promote features that relate to saving money for the user of your product or service. For example, “we just installed a new piece of equipment that is up to 50% faster — that's a real labor saving advantage."
  • Don't keep doing what you're doing just because you've always done it. Don't let inertia be your marketing plan. Change creative often, unless it's working.
  • Write a sales letter to your best friend, even if you're not a writer: David Ogilvy got some of his best headlines from his clients. You'll probably write a compelling, honest and factual account of why your product or service is worth considering. you for information or request printed details.
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