Business Cards


Do Your Business Cards Help You Sell?

Business cards should attract and set in motion the wheels of developing a relationship with a customer.

Your business card is very important because it represents you.

Here are some possible ideas to make your card work better for you:

Print all your contact information

In addition to your name, title, address, phone, and fax -- include your email and web address. Don't modify your card with handwriting. If your address has changed, reprint new cards. Business cards are so inexpensive to print, you cannot buy back your first impression.

Say it in color

Full-color business cards, maybe with your photo, make it easy for prospects to remember you when they call. If you use your photograph, a professional portrait is worth the expense.

Show how you solve their problems

On the front side, print in the phrase "See other side" (in italic letters or some other way to stand out). Then, list the benefits of your service (open 24 hours, 7 days a week, priceless advice).

Be a show off!

Gather a few testimonials (endorsements) and print them on the reverse side of your card.

Make it easy to read

Give it the "grandma test". Let an older friend scan the card. If they can't read the type, it's too small.

Find ways to stay around, be permanent

Consider laminating your card, they are hard to throw away. Magnets may make more sense or even a minature computer disk. Check business specialty websites or catalogs for more ideas that would apply to your business.

Printing Advice

Avoid neon colors, bright, fluorescent colors that are too hard to read. DON'T USE ALL CAPS, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ARE THREE TIMES HARDER TO READ than upper and lower case type.

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