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Get More Customers, Improve Customer Loyalty

Increase Response Rates

Direct mail helps your business or non-profit make more money by protecting valuable relationships and finding new customers and donors. Dean’s Mailing & List Services executes direct marketing programs that attract new customers, improve customer loyalty, increase response rates and deliver results. Our services include target market or customer data analysis, mailing list research and acquisition, creative design, printing and, of course, mailing.

Human beings — you, me, your customers — respond more and stronger to mail because it can be touched and felt and is examined when the recipient wants to consider offers and information. Mail is a persuasive trigger and a vital component of other marketing efforts.

Advertising through the mail is effective, it reaches people when they are open and receptive to offers.

Our industry experts have been helping businesses and organizations get started and move to the next level for more than 34 years. Direct mail marketing offers an efficient way to raise revenue and get new customers.

Do you want to find out about the best times to mail and the times when you should avoid mailing? We can tell you what works by pulling from our proven history of results. Is the economy hurting your sales? Our quotes are free and our advice is priceless. Please call or e-mail us and we can give you some great ideas from years of helping people realize their dreams.

Direct Mail, Marketing, List, Design, Printing and Mailing Services

With direct mail services, it's important that you work with a provider who can help you succeed. Use our experience, expertise, equipment and systems to deliver results.

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