Maintain and enrich your valuable asset – Your Customer List

Find Ways to Stay in Touch

Don’t rely on outdated ways to stay in touch with your customers.

Your own list is one of the most valuable and important assets of your business. This information can be maintained in accounting software, contact management software, an address book like Microsoft Outlook, a database program or even in a spreadsheet. The most important part is that you set up a system that you will keep up to date. We are happy to provide some ideas about basic ways to structure customer address information.

Staying in touch with and nurturing your loyal customers is very important.

List management services include :

  • Check for address changes
  • Update and standardize
    • address element spelling
    • capitalizaton
    • abbreviations
    • city and state formats
  • Append and enrich your customer list with:
    • homeowner information
    • home and property details
    • personal demographic specifics
    • business segmentation facts
    • other geographic data
  • Merge and consolidate lists from many sources
  • Enrich a master list with more particulars like email addresses and phone numbers