Reach Your Buyers As They are Moving

Reach New Homeowners as they are still moving and needing new products and servicesHomeowners new to your area are great prospects. They need lots of new things for their new house and they don’t have established habits or relationships with needed service providers, they are known for their spending sprees. They’ve just moved into a new neighborhood. They’ve made one of the biggest investments of their lives.

They are actively looking for a variety of products and services to buy. According to national surveys and statistics, new homeowners need the following products and services plus a lot more within the first year that they reside in their new homes:

  • Services
    1. Auto Repair
    2. Cleaning Services
    3. Exterminator
    4. Landscaping
  • Professional Services
    1. Accounting
    2. Dentistry
    3. Financial Services
    4. Insurance
    5. Veternarian / Animal Hospital
  • Home Improvements
    1. Remodeling
    2. Fencing
    3. Flooring
    4. Security System
    5. Swimming Pool

New homeowner lists are also known as new home buyers and new movers.

New homeowner lists are available as a weekly subscription with many options including:

  • List By Fax or Email PDF format
  • Labels Printed and shipped or email a printable document
    Data File
  • Email a document formatted to your specifications