Use this list to help you with your next campaign

Checklist Closeup

  • List Selection
    □ Communicate with us as soon as the project is defined so we can begin to help you with list selection.
    □ What geographic area do you want to reach?
    □ Do you want to limit the list by selecting special criteria?
    □ Do you want to restrict the list in other ways?
  • Data Files
    □ We can use your existing customer lists to add to our data or we can suppress your existing customers from our lists.
    □ Transmitting the data to Dean’s Mailing (through email, our ftp site or a disk) as soon as the project is defined or at least when the pieces go to press will allow extra time for data checking and formatting.
  • Naming the project (please give the project a unique, meaningful name)
    □ We will use this name on all of our internal records, postal documentation and the invoice we present to you for payment
    □ If you use a purchase order with the project please use the same unique name
  • Mail piece design
    □ Please let us review your proof before you go to press.
    □ We can help avoid processing, handling and postal problems with simple minor design changes.
    □ Matching the permit number with the identical return address of the registered owner of the permit (this is critical for non profit mail)
    □ Adherence to postal regulations governing non profit
    □ Adherence to postal regulations governing presorted standard
  • Mailing
    □ How will the piece be mailed, with a first class stamp, precancelled stamp, metered postage or permit imprint?
    □ Presorted first class, first class mail, presort standard, or non profit?
    □ Do you want to include a barcode in the address? (Please be aware that the post office may spray a barcode on mail not addressed with a barcode)
    □ Do you want to use an endorsement line or no endorsement line in the address block? (In some cases endorsement lines can reduce postage)
  • Samples of Mail Piece
    □ Order of inserts
    □ Other special instructions
    □ Please provide extras to ease machine setup

Please call us at 602-272-2100 for more details.