Ways to Choose Lists Based on Home or Structure

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  • Vacant land
  • Property Class Codes
  • Homeowner Characteristics:
    • Male or Female
    • Married
    • Owner occupied
  • Home Characteristics:
    • Location
    • Sales price
    • Estimated value
    • Property tax value
    • How long homeowner in home
    • Condo or townhouse
    • Pool
    • Year built
    • Type of cooling
    • Type of heating
    • Square footage
    • Number of rooms
    • Number of baths
    • Number of walls
    • Type of roof
    • Number of patios
    • Number of parks
    • Number of stories

This is not the complete listing of every available option.

Homeowner lists are known by many names: home owners, home buyers, new homeowners, insurance leads, mortgage leads and many others.

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