We can’t print money for you but we want to help you make and save more

Print 20 Dollar Bills

We will help you manage the printing specifications to make sure that the mail piece will qualify for the lowest possible postage rate.

We are always happy to proofread and review the mailing panel before you go to press. We will provide this service even if you use your own printer.

These are some of the factors that determine postage rates as related to printing:

  • The weight of paper stock
  • Tabs and tab placement
  • The direction of the address information
  • How the piece is folded
  • Placement of the address on the piece
  • Uniformity of paper stock

These are some of the factors that determine necessary mail preparation and processing as related to printing:

  • Room on the piece for the address information
  • Type of paper stock
  • Type of coating on the paper
  • Placement on the piece for tabs and postal additions like additional barcodes